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The impact of Anima Posted or Updated on 28 May 2024

The impact of Anima on appointments


Part of the reason of implementing total triage was to ensure that those that need treatment can access it as swiftly as possible. It also means that we now understand all the demand of patients and a Clinician looks over the request. So if you are asked to wait 10 days for an appointment it's because a Clinician has decided you are safe to do so. By asking you questions online or over the phone we are able to:

  • Deal with some issues without appointment.
  • Ensure those need alternate services are signposted there (including dental, talking therapies etc).
  • Provide advice, guidance, and reassurance to those that need it.
  • Answer simple questions.

By doing all of this we have seen a dramatic improvement in the waiting times for appointments. The data below is published nationally and shows how we are over-achieving compared to the national average on patients getting appointments in 2 days and 14 days since we implemented the system.

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